We need Volunteers...

  • To be foster care persons for kittens and/or puppies in their homes.

  • To help trap cats humanely for our T/N/R-M program.

  • To help feed a cat colony, or just to relieve for a day or short time until the regular cat caregiver returns.

  • To volunteer at the sanctuaries:

    • All animals need human bonding, and socialization so that they will have a better chance for adoption.

    • Also needed are cleaning of animal areas, bathing dogs, grooming cats/dogs.

we need help with yard sales, becoming a feeder for Kea'au Cat Colony,

or if you have suggestions in how you wish to participate, we are all ears.  

If you are interested in helping us with any of the above please call 968-8279 or complete the form below.  Mahalo!


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