Cory's Story

Cory passed away in August 2016.

Cory is a small under 2 pound kitten, suffering painful injury. Yet he trusted humans to help him. During his care he purrs and accepts treatment. He is a real survivor, meowing for his food and showing a real spirit to live in spite of injury. Waking his caregiver - Frannie, up all during the night for his feedings, with his strong vocal meowing! Pictures of Cory are on the Facebook account .


A Prayer for Animals


A Dumped Cat's Wish

author unknown


Oh yes, I heard them talking,
just the other day.

They thought I couldn’t listen,
to what they had to say:

“She sheds too much; she cries at night,
then sleeps away the day.

We’ll drop her off out somewhere,
get a kitten that will play.”

So now I’m cold and hungry,
struggling to survive.

Without some food and water,
I doubt I’ll stay alive.

I wish someone would rescue me,
and I could hear them say:

“You’ll live your life with love from me,
until your dying day.”


The Throw-Away Dog (or Cat)

Helen A. Lair, 1997



People came and took the other three,
ut nobody wanted me.

One day they piled trash in the car,
Put me in, and drove out far.

 Then they reached this stretch of lonely road,
Stopped, and threw out their load.

 Beer cans & trash, horrible to see,
Then they threw away me!

 And drove off and left me here
With the trash, trembling in fear.

 So here I lay beneath a tree,
Hoping someone will stop for me.

 Oh, cars drive by and people stare,
But nobody seems to care
That I’m hungry, wet, and all alone.

No one’s going to take me Home!!!
I can’t help wondering why…