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We are so fortunate to be able to get a wonderful fence built at PAWS to protect the cats here.

The 2 improved acres will be enclosed !

Aloha & Mahalo to All who have made this become possible !


Its best to connect with us on: Hui Pono Holoholona Facebook.

  Messages us with email: or (808) 968-8279.

 Aloha, from the all volunteer organization Hui Pono Holoholona


 Four Days in Hilo - Cat Spay / Neuter Clinic !!    August 15, 16, 17 and 20th, 2018. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday we saw 173 cats.  Mahalo All !!  

Animal Balance Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic

373 cats and kittens were helped at the March 2018 Animal Balance Spay/Neuter clinic.  Each cat was sterilized, received vaccine, flea treatment, microchip and ear tipping(Optional Services), which results in a healthier life.

Local volunteers gave 500+ hours of clinic time, March 21-25, 2018, to see that the humane solution to animal overpopulation was available to their community.  Left unfixed the first pregnancy would have resulted in over 500+ unwanted.


Hui Pono Holoholona

Local Partner with Animal Balance, County of Hawaii, Hawaii Island Humane Society, Petco and Alley Cat Allies.


 Its best to connect with us on Hui Pono Holoholona Facebook.

  Messages us with email: or (808) 968-8279.

 Aloha, from the all volunteer organization Hui Pono Holoholona in Partnership with,

Animal Balance, Alley Cat Allies, Petco, HIHS, Hawaii County – Mayor Kim.


Aloha & Mahalo for caring to be proactive in this joint endeavor to reduce animal overpopulation - via the best solution to Spay/Neuter. 


Grant Applications are Submitted, now we need You to speak out - contact leaders, for their support too !

Sample:   Aloha,   I am writing to you to express my strong support for the Hui Pono Holoholona’s 2018 Grant request for $160,000 in spay/neuter clinic operating funds for Hawai’i Island.    Following the July 2017 Animal Balance clinic, the HIHS monthly statistical reports showed a crucial reduction in cat intake and euthanasia.  Without a doubt the dramatic drop, is a direct result of the clinic.  Every opportunity needs to be pursued, to decrease the horrific numbers of healthy animals being euthanized for population control.   I ask that you support this very worthy program on behalf of our community.  Regards, Your Name, address, phone, email

Hui Pono Holoholona

  (people doing morally right for animals)

For Cat and Dog Spay / Neuter appointments-contact us!  
BY EMAIL - call 808.968.8279

Please Adopt Don't Shop! Mahalo!